Scott Rosenthal

Scott Rosenthal


A transplant from Cleveland, Scott Rosenthal is a 13 year LA-resident that never lost his Midwest appeal. His humor will delight you, his 6’9” stature will wow you and his big heart will inspire you. He’s got the perfect package. Sorry, he IS the perfect package. This guy is a doer—and a dreamer. He’s part owner of DoctorInsole, a health and fitness brand he launched two years ago.

When he’s not working, he can be found trying the latest LA eats, visiting friends in exotic locations or adding unique artwork to his growing collection. But it’s not all about him. A true family man, Scott always makes time to visit his family back east, and his nieces and nephews adore him for it.

One thing’s for sure, this Jewish boy’s got the Midwestern charm you’ll want to keep for yourself…and bring home to mom.

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