Chi-King (Julio Giovanni Torres)

Chi-King (Julio Giovanni Torres)

Julio Giovanni Torres AKA Chi-King, is a Latino artist and actor based in Los Angeles.

Chi-King has been on many Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated albums and toured all over the country opening up for legendary artists like Redman, Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Chi has been in movies with the likes of Eric Roberts, Beanie Sigel and legendary skater and clothing mogul, Stevie Williams. This Summer Chi releases a new EP and can be seen in the upcoming film, Broom Street Boys.

In his spare time, Chi is a Hip Hop philanthropist, spending most of his career helping his community in a variety of ways, from feeding the homeless to mentoring and counseling abused children.

As an artist of the people, Chi hopes to change lives on and off the stage.

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